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Beth Petersen Randall

Beth Petersen Randall


The heartbeat of real estate is dependent on a realtor whose objective is not merely to sell a home, but to share in their client’s vision & work tirelessly to guide them in making that dream a reality.

Beth grew up in Minneapolis, and there wasn’t really a “prior to real estate” time in her life. As a young girl, there was nothing she loved more than going to open houses, and touring the Parade of  homes. While Beth has traveled extensively, and her time living in Romania, Cancun, and Puerto Rico has given her a broad world view, the deep roots of family, and love for her town, brought her home.

Beth not only has a passion for interior design, she has an amazing talent for recognizing potential and possibility wherever she looks. Her hands on experience in rehabbing homes, lends to her vast knowledge and expertise in all facets of this exciting & sometimes overwhelming time.

With over a decade in the industry, Beth’s knowledge, combined with honesty & integrity allows the client to relax and focus on their vision, while she navigates the real estate waters. Her determination and commitment to finding the perfect home for her client is what drives her, and her joy when this happens is unmatched. She will always go the extra mile to ensure a positive & stress free experience.